Retirement early?

My plans are to retire in my 50s! I think it'll be great and being able to exercise my right to work however and wherever I'd like after I've properly saved. While I'm younger, my focus will be to prepare, prepare, prepare for that time will still enjoying myself now. However, I do not wish … Continue reading Retirement early?

Pandemic Life

It's been an interesting year, that's to say the least. The biggest shift that myself and others have HD to make was working from home. Thankfully, given that I work in technology (one of the few personal details you'll get here) I was able to transition seamlessly into working from home and I've grown to … Continue reading Pandemic Life

What’s new?

As of August 20th I've switched up themes and menus to give a different look and feel! Additionally, I'm working to ensure that I post here more often to fully document what's going on in my life on a more consistent basis, whether it is dealing with tech, fitness or other things.Enjoy the ride.

YouTube Tab Leaving

The YouTube tab on the DexterJohnson.ME website will be leaving; I am involved with the YouTube community and therefore since I have reached a certain number of subscribers will devote an entire site to TopNotch Male Style Tips.  So, instead of coming to the site, this site will be my centralized "hub" and you will … Continue reading YouTube Tab Leaving