Personal Branding

I have always felt that personal branding is very important, especially for those that are trying to further their career.  The internet is the perfect place to have a respectable brand.  Why?  With so many potential networking opportunities that one could have; why not?  Employers nowadays look to the web to discover the next great … Continue reading Personal Branding


Programming adventures

It has been a couple of years since I have dived deep into VB.NET and developed Windows applications; but that has been far too long.  Visual Basic form development and development in general are things that I find rewarding primarily because of the results that you see instantaneously (RAD).  I want to create a simple … Continue reading Programming adventures

Consulting Thoughts

This past year has been very interesting.  As a young man immersed in the field of information technology and working with it everyday; I have had the opportunity to do consulting work for a company aside from my normal 8-5.  I must say that it has been an experience nonetheless; however it is great to … Continue reading Consulting Thoughts