Database Journeys

As the new year rolls in and I am in the 6th year of my database journey, I am looking forward to expanding upon my experience and becoming better and stronger in every way. As I always suggest to everyone, always continue learning and working to improve in your areas of expertise, it only makes … Continue reading Database Journeys


What’s new?

As of August 20th I've switched up themes and menus to give a different look and feel! Additionally, I'm working to ensure that I post here more often to fully document what's going on in my life on a more consistent basis, whether it is dealing with tech, fitness or other things.Enjoy the ride.


In life you realize that no matter what you cannot stay in the same situation forever.  Regardless of how you came to that situation or whether or not you want to leave it or not -- we must all progress at SOME time.  This is certainly the point that I have reached and I am … Continue reading Transitioning

Personal Branding

I have always felt that personal branding is very important, especially for those that are trying to further their career.  The internet is the perfect place to have a respectable brand.  Why?  With so many potential networking opportunities that one could have; why not?  Employers nowadays look to the web to discover the next great … Continue reading Personal Branding