About Me

Throughout my life I aim to empower people to utilize the technology they have in their lives, not take it for granted and love it with the same enthusiasm I do!

Name: Dexter Johnson

What degree do I have and what do I want to pursue with it: I graduated in May 2010 with a B.S.B.A. in Management Information Systems, I want to grow in all areas of technology.  As of now, I am focused on creating content for the internet and working with data because I see these as the biggest platforms for growth.  Being well-versed in many areas of IT will help me obtain my terminal job position as CIO of a company.

What do I do: I am a database professional.  Take a look at my LinkedIn and let’s connect!

What does my daily job consist of: I work as part of a database engineering team to analyze and develop new T-SQL based solutions to fix stored procedures, analyze and manipulate SSRS reports, perform data extracts and inserts for management, while maintaining the critical CRM database servers, which facilitate the relationships with our members.  This involves testing code changes to ensure accuracy, in addition to gathering and refining details to implement changes to existing production database objects.

Favorite OS: Any popular Linux distribution and iOS.

What do you do for fun: Learn and research about different operating systems, play sports and go to the gym (physical activity is very important), learn to use new software, edit images and video, repair computer hardware, consult on technological purchases, design databases, web-forms and applications, exercise (basketball, golf, cycling and weightlifting), play retro video games and a fun little game called Magic: The Gathering (check out my decks); along with anything else technical….Sounds nerdy huh?

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