My feelings on Apple v FBI

Security, security, security.  This word is important to us all, in any circumstance except when it comes to the government. I will never understand how one entity believes that it should have access to everything you own even when it doesn’t own it.

Do we not have a right to privacy?  Should we never have anything that we don’t want anyone else to see? In that case, it’s useless to do anything private — shall we simply create a password.txt file on our desktops and share that file with the internet?  The government is here to serve the people;however, in this case — the government wants to set a precedent that they should be able to get into any service or piece of hardware at the expense of the privacy of a nation and potentially the world.  Why trust an entity that cannot even keep it’s own data safe from bored teenagers coding in their spare time?

What do I say? Protect yourself, encrypt your data, use VPN and trust no one with your personal data — from your dog, mom or government– your data is just that, yours, and YOU deserve to be protected.

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