I am a Database Professional.

The purpose of this online portfolio is to not only highlight my skills but to show how I have implemented them in many settings (work, consulting, and independent projects).

After graduating in May 2010 with a B.S.B.A. in Management Information Systems, I found work at an institution as an IT Specialist II.  Later, the skills and experience that I acquired there allowed me to move into a new position at company that is technology driven and focused.

The MIS degree is focused primarily in Systems Analysis and Database Design, so I have been able to fully exercise those skills in my professional experiences.  However, although analysis and databases are at the forefront of study, the MIS degree is very diverse; which explains why my skill-set spans many areas.

Database Administration

My data is important.  Your data is important, too.  These reasons alone are enough to drive me to want to work with millions upon millions of records. I am skilled at database administration, operations and development utilizing the Microsoft stack, specializing in SQL Server.

Data is a tricky thing at times.  Processes fail, data that you might receive could be corrupt — the thing is that we must learn how to interpret that data and how to decipher good and bad data.  That is the sole purpose of scripting or stored procedures in the database space.  These procedures systematically can sort through data and perform various database tasks.

Security is paramount. The architecture that I pride myself on is that everyone gets the least amount of access, unless otherwise noted. This helps monitor good actors and keep the nefarious ones out.

In addition, although data can sometimes be scary to look at and try to understand it is certainly a staple in my passion for IT and one of my favorite aspects.



I have developed a barrage(over 60) of sophisticated interactive web-forms using SAaS PerfectForms.  These forms have been used throughout various departments and companies that I work with; one department became completely paperless because of a tailored “system” of forms that was created.

Since data collection is key within PerfectForms it makes a “Perfect” tool to use to create standardized applications that allow for mandatory fields, file attachments, and more.  See an example of an Online MBA Application I developed for Northwest Christian University HERE (Click “Apply Online Now”).

With PerfectForms the goal is the collect data and use that data to build reports that are intuitive for the end user.  Since the data collected by each form is stored in a centralized XML database it can be called upon at a click to display results like this:

All reports allow you to “drill-down” in order to fully analyze the data beneath.  For example, clicking on the various pie pieces shows the data on related to that selection.  In addition, the entries contained within the list can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Although PerfectForms is virtually a well-designed overlay on top of a database; when database is mentioned it is hard not to consider Microsoft Access.  With a more typical DBMS you can literally manipulate the data any way you want with the use of forms and macros.  Manipulation is exactly what it took to develop a way for a user to determine the number ID Cards that needed to be created.

Another tool that I have found useful is Visual Studio.NET, with this program I have made fully functional console and Windows applications that can perform various tasks.

Graphics and Design

In order to be a well-rounded developer you must have a keen eye for how certain fields, buttons, and other defining characteristics should be positioned on a form. This knowledge translates to intuitive user interaction, simple website navigation, and knowing on what part of the screen a graphic should be placed in a video.  So, my eye toward layout has paid off in other skills such as graphic art.  I have designed creative websites, event flyers/banners, electronic form headers, and lower thirds used in many videos.  Graphics below were designed using GIMP and Inkscape:

Utilizing a skill in design and layout can be helpful in many fields.

Video and Media

I’ve worked on several projects that have allowed me explore media in many ways; as mentioned before such as designing graphics.  In addition, I am skilled in video production using various NLEs such as Cyberlink PowerDirector, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Premiere Pro.  I have experience in color correction, key-framing, chroma key, noise reduction, and more.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to capture weddings on video, this included the full ceremony, reception, well-wishes, and more.  Shared is a sort of “highlight-reel” featuring moments from their special days, special thanks to the bride and groom featured in each:

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

In an attempt to heighten awareness of physical fitness classes I produced short videos highlighting each class:

Short personal style videos (as seen HERE):


View my Lynda.com Course Completion Certificates [HERE]


In short, my diverse degree matches me in many ways.  I love to dive into technology in any and every way that I can.  When it comes to learning a new application, programming language, or method I learn quickly and become eager to put my new skill to use.

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