The #nerd Movement

I am offended, simple.

I grew up being made fun of, bullied and more — why?  Because I was considered a nerd.  Making good grades, wearing glasses, living my life on the computer, reading, playing video/trading card games are all fun things; however, then society pinned you as a nerd because you were being the best that you could be.  Fast-forward to 2018 when hashtags are the rage and people post pictures of themselves wearing “geek glasses” with the hashtag #nerd or people post a book they’ve read with the same hashtag.

In short, you do not get to call yourself a nerd.  Not unless you’ve had to endure the ridicule and sometimes pains of actually being one.

So instead of joining the “hashtag army”, be yourself — whether that is a nerd or not.  For me, I’ll continue being a the nerd I’ve always been (although didn’t always embrace) and I’ll leave the #nerd for everyone else that is trying too hard to portray an image to their followers.

Until next time.

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