Pandemic Life

It’s been an interesting year, that’s to say the least. The biggest shift that myself and others have HD to make was working from home. Thankfully, given that I work in technology (one of the few personal details you’ll get here) I was able to transition seamlessly into working from home and I’ve grown to love it.

I’ll note that whatever job I chose next in database land, will almost certainly be completely remote or must allow full flexibility for WFH, else it’ll be a non-starter.

More notes is that my workout routine is much better, giving me a shorter gym commute and even riding my indoor bike. Hopefully we all make it through this, given the fact that the coronavirus virus exists and it’s not some political game as some “news” networks make it to be. My biggest hope is for people to be safe and considerate of others during this time. Until my next post!

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